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I had a fantastic time with these incredible dancers at the 8th Annual Colorado Dance Education Organization Conference discussing nutrition and the dancer! We discussed the importance of fueling our body to being a great dancer, the importance of allowing yourself to enjoy a variety of foods rather than being restrictive with foods or food groups, debunking nutrition myths, and lastly, the importance of appreciating your body regardless of your size or shape and giving it nutrition to be able to achieve your dance goals! I am so grateful for how actively everyone participated and for having the opportunity to present at this conference for the second year in a row!

As dancers, it is so important to fuel your body properly while also appreciating the body you have and honoring it with love and respect. We are all built differently and represent our own beauty. As dancers, using the body that you are given to express yourself through the art of dance is an incredible gift that is made even better by unique bodies. Fueling your body while also allowing consumption of a variety of different foods (even those that may be thought of as “junk food,” or as I call them, less often foods) is important for both mental and physical health.

Wishing you all health and success,

Ricci-Lee Hotz, MS, RDN

A Taste of Health, LLC

Denver’s Dancing Dietitian

“Improving Quality of Life One Bite at a Time”